Assistant Association in 2013 13.03.25 for Windows 10


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Association Assistant is a program to keep a database of members of any association or co-workers of the organization. The program allows you to store much needed information such as contact details, gender, date of birth, work experience, work achievements, foreign languages, etc. It also allows financial support of members. The module allows the calculation of regular financial contributions to individual members and clearing them out of their pay. These contributions can be made to depend on global factors but also on variables defined for individual members. The program also allows you to record the current events taking place in the Association. Its simple and intuitive interface and the ability to do advanced searches of data, access to a variety of prints make this program a practical and useful in every association, political party, etc. Note: The program is available in various versions - PRO MAX BUSINESS. All differences between these versions can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. The software is available in the trial version and allows for 31 days free use. When this function is disabled during data recording.